A Photo Gallery
Jaren's Photo Gallery!
Year 7

Age 7 was quite eventful! Jaren is in 2nd grade and exelling, as usual. He also continues his Chess Class and Piano Lessons. He also became a big brother to twins! What a great year!

Cupcake! More Cupcake! At Taco Bell With Auntie Ali! 4th of July Rodeo! 4th of July Rodeo! 4th of July Rodeo! Fireworks! Brothers Headed to bed Enjoying some frozen yogurt Sitting in the sun because the yogurt was cold! Sunshine in his eyes Making cakepops with the family Making Cakepops Eating the cakepops! On our way to the Fair! Lunch at the Fair Lunch at the Fair Being a Pirate! Nascar Driver! At the Fair Buying gifts for Oscar's party Captain America Off-center, but still really cute! My handsome boy! Frozen yogurt First Day of School! Out at Soccer Out at Soccer Out at Soccer Playing an Angry Birds Game In the Hot Rod! Watching some TV Story Time Smiles! Dinner Time Story Time with Mommy New jammies Showing off the new jammies Pumpkin Patch Doing homework Green Beans Brothers Mouthful Lazy evenings Creative sleepers White belt Meeting his baby sister Cousins Pizza! Yellow belt! Sitting around Coloring Making beef jerky with Nana Making beef jerky with Nana Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt He's missing a tooth! Sitting with Merrick Second Grade School Picture Helping his younger brother Cousins! Cousins! Getting his hands dirty Getting his hands dirty Move Over Mozart Recital Wishing Auntie Ali 'Safe Travels' Reading